UNCCLA Listens and Speaks 50th Series Quiz

As UNCCLA Listens and Speaks reaches its 50th series, we are thrilled to introduce a special quiz to gain more knowledge as we give back. Choose the most correct alternative. Winners will be announced during our Program on Thursday, 23rd November 2023 starting at 6pm EAT. The program will be LIVE on UCTV, Youtube of UNCCLA and UCTV and Live audience on Zoom.

Details about the Participant

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1. What is UNCCLA in full?

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2. Who are members of UNCCLA?

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3. How many dioceses are in Uganda?

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4. Who is the minister of the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony?

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5. The following Lay Apostolate/Ecclesial Movements are in Uganda except

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6. Who is the Patron Saint of UNCCLA?

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7. What is the tagline for Uganda Catholic Television?

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8. In which year did “UNCCLA Listens and Speaks” begin?

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9. Who is the Bishop Chairman of the Lay Apostolate Commission of Uganda Episcopal Conference?

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10. Which Diocese will animate the Uganda Martyrs Day at Namugongo in 2024?

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