Guidelines for joining our UNCCLA Listens and Speaks Zoom meetings

Since 20th July 2023, the UNCCLA Listens and Speaks Series that were initially on Zoom and YouTube, they now also broadcast LIVE on Uganda Catholic Television (UCTV). Below are the guidelines to ensure the smooth conduct of the program for the LIVE participants on Zoom.

UNCCLA Listens and Speaks Series happen every Thursday in a fortnight. Check out on EVENTS to know when the next one will be.

  1. Use a Correct Name:
    • Make sure your Zoom display name is your real name, or the name you wish to be identified by on TV. Avoid using nicknames or pseudonyms.
  2. Maintain Good Language and Behavior:
    • Keep your language and behavior respectful and appropriate for a broad audience.
    • Avoid using profanity, offensive comments, or discriminatory language while in the chat room.
  3. Eliminate Background Noise:
    • When speaking, avoid background noise disruptions.
  4. Video and Audio Settings:
    • Check your camera and microphone settings before going live to ensure they work properly.
    • Test your audio and video quality to ensure you’re clearly visible and audible.
    • Keep note that the host reserves the right to enable your video or audio.
  5. Join Early:
    • Join the Zoom meeting well in advance to ensure you are ready and don’t miss the start of the TV segment.
    • Our Session starts at exactly 6:00 pm EAT. So be on call by 5:55 pm EAT.
  6. Follow Host’s Instructions:
    • Pay attention to the host’s instructions and cues for when to speak, respond, or interact.
    • Pay attention to the discussion and engage in a meaningful way if called upon.
  7. Be Mindful of Time:
    • Be punctual, and keep your contributions concise and on-topic to respect the broadcast’s time constraints.
  8. Follow Host’s Video Control:
    • Understand that the host or admin reserves the right to enable or disable your video feed as necessary.

The link to our Zoom meeting is


Or put in the details here:

Meeting ID: 821 4726 3108

Passcode: UNCCLA

Thank you!


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