Celebrating UNCCLA Listens and Speaks: A Milestone of Engagement

It’s with immense joy and gratitude that we extend our heartfelt congratulations to each and every one of you who has been a part of the UNCCLA Listens and Speaks journey. Your unwavering support, insightful contributions, and dedication to meaningful conversations have made it the platform that it is today—a vibrant hub of shared ideas and diverse perspectives.

UNCCLA Listens and Speaks has evolved into more than just a series; it’s a community—a space where voices are not only heard but cherished. We have witnessed the power of dialogue, the strength in unity, and the beauty of understanding different viewpoints. Each series has been a testament to the richness of our collective experiences and the depth of our shared knowledge.

To everyone who has taken the time to watch, listen, and engage with UNCCLA Listens and Speaks, we express our deepest gratitude. Your participation has not only enriched the discussions but has also contributed to the growth and vitality of this platform. It is your enthusiasm that has made UNCCLA Listens and Speaks a dynamic and engaging space for intellectual exchange.

For some of the programs we have have, here is the LIST.

Introducing the 50th Series Quiz

As a token of appreciation for your continued support, we are thrilled to introduce a special quiz to coincide with the 50th series of UNCCLA Listens and Speaks. This quiz is designed to celebrate the wealth of knowledge within our community and to recognize the dedication of our audience.

How to Participate

  1. Go to the link that we shall share after these instructions.
  2. Attempt the quiz ONCE.
  3. Winners will be announced during our UNCCLA Listens and Speaks #50 which starts at 18.00 EAT on Thursday, 23rd November 2023.
  4. Please note that for cases of the same marks, the time spent attempting the quiz will be considered.


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    Thank you for the good work of bringing the laity together

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    Zondera Amon says:

    The Laity a future for the African Catholic Church

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