A New Chapter for UNCCLA: The 2024 National Executive Committee Takes the Helm

The Uganda National Catholic Council of Laity (UNCCLA) ushered in a new era of leadership on May 30th, 2024, during its annual general meeting (AGM). A vibrant atmosphere filled the air as delegates from across the country converged to elect the National Executive Committee (NEC) for the 2024-2027 term.

Following the provisions of the UNCCLA constitution (Article 4.3 & 4.4), voting delegates, comprising representatives from dioceses, national associations/movements, and the outgoing NEC members, cast their ballots. The results brought forth a team brimming with dedication and experience:

  • President: Gervase Ndyanabo
  • Vice President: Anthony Mateega
  • Secretary General: Richard Akena
  • Vice Secretary: Ann Grace Nakoru
  • Treasurer: Robert Kamiza
  • Women Representative: Assumpta Gidudu
  • Youth Representative: Prossy Namata
  • Kampala Province Representative: Emily Mwaka
  • Tororo Province Representative: Jane Frances Akiteng
  • Gulu Province Representative: Ann Lumumba
  • Mbarara Province Representative: Odo Tumukwasibwe
  • Lay Apostolate Movements Representative: Grace Nantale.

The newly elected President, Gervase Ndyanabo, addressed the gathering with a clear vision for the coming term. “Building on the successes of the previous leadership,” he declared, “our focus will be on strengthening connections between dioceses, movements, associations, women, and youth. This collaborative spirit is key to achieving our goals.”

Following the elections, His Grace Paul Ssemogerere, Chairman of the Lay Apostolate Commission, officially commissioned the new NEC, entrusting them with the responsibility of leading UNCCLA forward.

This new chapter for UNCCLA promises to be one of unity and action. As outlined in the UNCCLA constitution (Article 4.4), the NEC’s primary function is to initiate, propose, and coordinate programs that align with the goals set forth by the AGM. With a diverse and dedicated team at the helm, UNCCLA is poised to make significant strides in fostering a more connected and vibrant Catholic laity in Uganda.


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    Marie says:

    Congs. Best of luck our team

  2. Reply
    Annet Nantale says:

    May the Holy Spirit guide you always 🙏

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    Connie Ssemwogerere says:

    Congratulations to the team and we pray for unity in diversity.

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