The Roman Catholic Church Funeral: Legal & Pastoral Considerations & Perspective by Rev. Fr. Dr. Andrew Kato, Canon Lawyer
A catholic teacher as an Evangelist: Using a secular curriculum to Preach the Word of God by Dr. Rex Ssemulya (PhD), Deputy Headmaster Namugongo SS
Idols and Worship: A Catholic Theological Response by Rev. Fr. Ambrose Bwangato, Dean of Studies St. Mbaaga Seminary and Director of Pontifical Mission Societies-Archdiocese of Kampala
10 Pillars of a successful marriage by Hon. John Otekat, Flight Captain (Rtd), Senior Presidential Advisor & Sabafumbo
The Uganda Martyrs: Our Inspiration by Rev. Fr. Richard Kayaga Gonza, Executive Director, Cultural Research Center, Diocese of Jinja
Biblical Grounds for Caring for our Own Home by Rev. Fr. Prof. Peter Kanyandago, Episcopal Vicar for the Laity, Archdiocese of Mbarara
How Family influences who we become as Adults by Rtn Nakato Winnie Mary Fernandes, Family & Child Psychologist, and Nabafumbo, Entebbe
Pastors and Lay Faithful Called to Walk Together, message from a Congress in the Vatican by Rev. Fr. Frederick Tusingire, Director Lay Apostolate Department, Uganda Catholic Secretariat and Gervase Ndyanabo,…
Our role in dealing with the increasing challenge of homosexuality (Part 2) by Dr. Sandra Nabacwa, Head of the Pro-Life department of Kampala Archdiocese.

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